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杨光磊,男,YABO亚搏官方网站“萃英”博士后。研究领域为能源转型驱动机理、全流程低碳技术创新、低碳发展等。研究成果主要发表在 Energy?Economics?、Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews、Ecological Indicators、Journal of Cleaner Production、Environmental Science and Pollution Research等。其中ABS***论文2篇,ABS**论文1篇。担任Energy Efficiency?、Journal of Cleaner Production、Indoor and Built Environment、系统工程理论与实践等多个国内外期刊审稿工作。




  • Donglan Zha,Guanglei Yang,Wenzhong Wanget al. Appliance energy labels and consumer heterogeneity: A latent class approach based on a discrete choice experiment in China. Energy Economics,2020. (SSCI, IF=7.042, ABS***, 中科院TOP期刊)

  • Donglan Zha,Guanglei Yang,Qunwei Wang. Investigating the driving factors of regional CO2 emissions in China using the IDA-PDA-MMI method. Energy Economics,2019. (SSCI, IF=7.042, ABS***, 中科院TOP期刊)

  • Guanglei Yang,Donglan Zha,Xiaojuan Wanget al. Exploring the nonlinear association between environmental regulation and carbon intensity in China: The mediating effect of green technology. Ecological Indicators,2020. (SCI+SSCI双检索,IF=4.985)

  • Guanglei Yang,Wei Zhang,Donglan Zha. Industrial production: Pursuing scale expansion or pollution reduction? Judgment based on the Copeland-Toylor model. Journal of Cleaner Production,2019. (SCI+SSCI双检索,IF=9.297, ABS**, 中科院TOP期刊)

  • Guanglei Yang,Donglan Zha,Chaoqun Zhanget al. Does environment-biased technological progress reduce CO2 emissions in APEC economies? Evidence from fossil and clean energy consumption. Environmental Science and Pollution Research,2020.(SCI+SSCI双检索,IF=4.223)

  • Guanglei Yang , Donglan Zha. How Does Biased Technological Progress Affect Haze Pollution? Evidence from APEC Economies. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2022, forthcoming. (SCI, IF=4.223)

  • Wei Zhang,Xuan Tang,Guanglei Yang, Donglan Zha. Decomposition of CO2 emission intensity in Chinese MIs through a development mode extended LMDI method combined with a production-theoretical approach. Science of The Total Environment ,?2020.(SCI, IF=7.963, 中科院TOP期刊)

  • Qian Chen??, Donglan Zha , Lijun Wang,? Guanglei Yang. The direct CO2 rebound effect in households: Evidence from China's provinces. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2021.(SCI, IF=14.982, 中科院TOP期刊)

  • Chaoqun Zhang,Donglan Zha,Guanglei Yang,Fu Wang. The effect of differential leadership on employees’ thriving at work in China: a moderated mediating model. Chinese Management Studies,2021. (SSCI, IF=1.676)